Monitors all your services


Site monitoring

Our handy built-in website monitoring checks that your website is up and if it's time to renew your SSL-certificate. We alert you if you need to take action.

Custom metrics

You might have metrics that are critical to your service. Easily showcase these custom metrics to your customers by pushing data to our powerful API.

Third-party services

Your service relies on other services being up. Choose which services that are critical to you. We alert you if a third-party service has issues.


Worldwide monitoring.
Every single minute.

Monitor your site reliably from 10 strategically placed locations all around the world. Uptime and response time monitoring as frequent as every minute. Choose the monitoring location that fits your website.

  • US east
  • US west
  • Brazil
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • Sweden
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • South Africa

“We get monitor alerts in Slack and create incidents in the same channel, responding quicker to incidents and allowing us to put focus on resolving the incidents.”

Benjamin Jung
Senior Software Engineer at TradeLock

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Instant alerts

Be the first to know when your site goes down. Receive reliable alert notifications in your preferred channel. Chose among e-mail, Slack, SMS and more.

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Don't let your SSL-certificate expire

Lose customer trust if they are greeted with an warning that your site is unsecure. With PingPong, you'll receive a notification when it's time to renew your SSL-certification. We'll inform you during working hours in your timezone ahead of time.

Trusted by small and large teams worldwide

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Showcase your own custom metrics

Show real-time performance with custom metrics, where you chose which part of your system is put on display. During incidents, customers can see for themselves which part of the system is affected without contacting support.


Your uptime is dependent on other services being up

Showcase the status of external services and let your customers know that it's not your service that is down. Built-in service monitoring that you enable with just one click. Get notified when your third-party services are down. Choose among 100+ services. Can't find your service? We'll add it for you.


Showcase to your customers

Choose which metrics represent your service best and showcase your system performance and uptime on your status page. Your customers can see the reliability for themselves.