Your complete toolset for incident management


Incident Management

Keep your users in the loop during outages and maintenances. Show that you have the situation under control during incidents. Eliminate support tickets and reduce churn.

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“PingPong status page is an ideal tool. We proactively communicate incident updates which reduces our support tickets.”

Matthew Falco
Product Owner at Euler Hermes

Trusted by small and large teams worldwide

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Monitoring with instant notifications

Measure the performance and uptime of your website or API. Showcase the result on your status page. If your site goes down, you will be notified instantly. Don't let your customers inform you that your site is down.

  • Site uptime and SSL-certificate renewal monitor
  • Your own custom metrics
  • Monitoring of critical third-party services
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“We get issue alerts in Slack and create incidents in the same channel, responding quicker to incidents and allowing us to put focus on resolving the incidents.”

Benjamin Jung
Senior Software Engineer at TradeLock

Hosted status page

A central place for all status updates. The one place your customers turn to in case of service interruption - not your support team. Hosted external from your infrastructure, making sure that it's available even when your site is not.

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“Showcasing our system status and uptime is a great way to build trust with our users. During incidents or scheduled maintenance we can focus on our service instead of managing upset users.”

Hannes Schippmann
Founder of Cupaloy