Your outward facing status identity



Hosted status page,
secure and external

Your status page is hosted external from your infrastructure, making sure that it's available even when your site is not. We take extensive measures to provide a world-class status page solution.

Highly available

Your status page is hosted on AWS, a world-leader in hosting. To ensure high availability, PingPong is hosted across multiple regions and availability zones. AWS compliance certifications include HIPAA, ISO/IEC 27001 and 27018.

Human monitored 24x7

Our service is monitored in multiple ways by our team around the clock, to ensure quick recovery if an outage should occur. We continuously monitor service uptime as well as error tracking, providing a stable and reliable service.

Security focused

We apply industry security standards as encryption at REST, hourly backups and TLS/SSL secured connections across the entire service. Payment data is handled by Stripe Inc, a leading PCI-compliant provider.

“I migrated to PingPong from Atlassian. Comparable in features, but PingPong won me over because it's a standalone product run by an agile team. I've had much better support experience, the UI feels snappier and no user tracking!”

Pēteris Caune
Founder of


Your familiar domain

Use a recognisable domain for your status page that fits your brand. All plans come with a free TLS/SSL certificate to make your status page secure. Dedicated certificates for your domain with paid plans.

Trusted by small and large teams worldwide

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Customize design to your brand

Make your status page a part of your brand. Customize logo and color scheme, or have full control over every pixel by injecting custom HTML, CSS and JS.


The status page speaks your language

Use the same language on your status page as on your website. The status page is available in 17 languages. Your users can easily choose their favourite language with a single click.

  • English flag
  • French flag
  • German flag
  • Spanish flag
  • Italian flag
  • Dutch flag
  • Portuguese flag
  • Brazilian flag
  • Turkish flag
  • Chinese flag
  • Japanese flag
  • Vietnamese flag
  • Korean flag
  • Swedish flag
  • Norwegian flag
  • Danish flag

Keep your users updated

Let your users subscribe to any outage update that you post. It's easy to subscribe from your status page. They receive updates in their favourite channel, for example Twitter, Slack and e-mail.

  • E-mail logo
  • Slack logo
  • Webhook logo
  • Feed logo
  • WhatsApp logo
  • Telegram logo
  • Discord logo
  • Microsoft Teams logo
  • Pushover logo
  • Twitter logo
  • SMS logo
  • Call logo
  • REST API logo

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Public or Private?

Choose between public or protected communication

Public status page

Public status pages lets you communicate service status and incidents in the open with your customers and end-users. Your status page can be accessed by anyone - great for most use cases. No setup is required.

Private status page

Private status pages allow you to communicate incidents within your team or specific customers, but not with the public audience. You can restrict your status page to any IP-address or require user authentication via PingPong account or SSO SAML.


Beautiful on any device

Your status page will look great whether your customers are at their desk or on the go. No matter if they use a smart phone, tablet, laptop or a desktop computer. Functionality is the same regardless.