Your outward facing status identity



Your familiar domain

Use a recognisable domain for your status page that fits your brand. All plans come with a free SSL-certificate to make your status page secure.

“Showcasing our system status and uptime is a great way to build trust with our users. During incidents or scheduled maintenance we can focus on our service instead of managing upset users.”

Hannes Schippmann
Founder of Cupaloy


Customize design to your brand

Make your status page a part of your brand. Customize just the logo and color scheme, or have full control over every pixel by injecting custom HTML, CSS and JS.

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Public or private?

Want your status page for internal use instead of showing it to your customers? No problem, simply restrict it to your company IP and block it from the rest of the world.


Keep Your Customers Updated

Let your customers decide if they want to receive updates that you publish on your status page.

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Beautiful on any device

Your status page will look great whether your customers are at their desk or on the go. No matter if they use a smart phone, tablet, laptop or a desktop computer. Functionality is the same regardless.

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